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Catherine is eager to help riders and horses make mindful progress towards their goals.

Tel: 404.457.4629

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Let's Get Started!

Over the past 3 years as the creator and owner of The Equestrian Journal, I’ve had the privilege of working with truly amazing clients to help overcome the areas that hold back horse and rider partnerships. I work one-on-one to help develop a straightforward, tactical plan to reach short, mid, and long-term goals. 

By taking the time to work with you to understand what really drives you, how you got to where you are now and where you want to go, together we will set up an actionable blueprint for your success and fulfillment through the power of journaling.


Catherine Respess combines her design and equine expertise in the creation of The Equestrian Journal.


As a Coach, Trainer, Journaler, Equine Bodyworker, and Barefoot Trimmer 

Catherine is passionate about guiding equestrians:


  • to increase their awareness

  • cultivate good habits

  • reveal patterns 

  • develop powerful insights

  • improve working memory

  • reduce intrusive mental blocks

  • connect your horse's team

  • customize your horse's program

Interview with 
Catherine Respess