Combination Journals

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"I thought of you in reading my Manege Patterns book. In it, Charles de Kunffy writes: "the rider should analyze every day whether his equitation has improved since the day before. He should also inquire whether the horse's needs have been better served this day than on the preceding one."


I have only had my journal for a few days, but already I am noticing how VERY helpful it is! Rather than just rating each session as "good" or "not-so-good," it encourages me to think more deeply about the multiple factors that contributed to each session. What I might have normally passed off as a "red-headed mare day," I found myself writing down a list of other possibilities. I can also write down my goals to keep them fresh in my mind as to where I left off, and how to improve the next session. I know that keeping daily track is a component I have been missing in my progress as an equestrian. My horse and I both say, "THANK YOU, Catherine!"


- Debi Stark