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PROFESSIONAL | Refill Pages 3-Hole Punch

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  • 8.5 x 11 size.

  • Designed for trainers or riders who need to keep track of multiple horses and already have a 3-hole binder they can utilize.

  • Available in 3-hole punch for traditional binders.

  • A 3-month journal that accommodates 4 horses.

  • HORSE HEALTH TRACKER to maintain an account of your horse's vaccination schedule and any other notable medical history.

  • 4 MONTHLY PAGES so you can start mid month. Schedule upcoming events like clinics and shows and also vet, farrier, or bodyworker appointments. Organize it all with a calendar and agenda options.

  • 13 WEEKLY PAGES to turn your goals into action steps that you can actually accomplish. Rate your progress and experience the magic of seeing how far you have come when you have it all written down.

  • 65 DAILY PAGES to record your observations, note changes, and what you want to remember with horse and rider diagrams. Capture the breakthroughs and “AHA” moments when they are fresh after your ride and you’ll be able to remember the purpose and feeling from every session! Then go back later to read your entries to recreate those moments. 65 daily pages allow for 2 days a week of rest.

  • Tidbits of wisdom and quotes by great riding masters scattered throughout the journal to keep you motivated.

PROFESSIONAL | Refill Pages 3-Hole PunchPROFESSIONAL | Refill Pages 3-Hole PunchPROFESSIONAL | Refill Pages 3-Hole Punch