Certified Partner Program

Educators, Clinicians, and Trainers -
become a Certified Partner of The Equestrian Journal!
It's a sprinkle of sponsorship, a dash of affiliate alliance, and a big scoop of added value to the services you offer in your business.

Incorporate Journals + Journal Coaching into your program!

  • A method and tools to organize your client’s education & goals.

  • Provide additional value to your current service packages.

  • Improve client retention and loyalty

Your clients will:

  • Learn faster

  • Arrive at sessions prepared

  • Take an active role in their own progress

  • Envision their future success 

  • Plan micro and macro goals

  • Better retain your teachings

  • Improve the partnership with their horse 

  • Maintain focus during unexpected downtime

Welcome Package

Journals, Training, Marketing Materials, & Guidance on Implementation

1-on-1 Private Coaching 

Two Sessions Included and Discounted Pricing on Future Coaching

$     $
Additional Income

Discounted pricing in journals so you can resell or provide as part of an "Accelerator" package in your program!

Since 2017, I’ve had the privilege of working one-on-one with truly amazing clients to help overcome the roadblocks that hold back horse and rider partnerships. 

Now with the certified partnership,

we can reach more riders by working together.


I'm here to provide you with EVERYTHING you need to put the power of coaching AND journaling to work for YOUR business! 

All That We Ask in Return

Let's Get Started!

Here's What You Get


Discounted orders of 4 or more - 25% Off Savings! 

As part of the Accelerator “Client Add-On”, you may purchase all versions of The Equestrian Journals for your students! ​​


Coaching Protocol Training - $899

  • We’ll give you the training, support, and tools you need to take your program to the next echelon. 

  • Discover how to integrate The Equestrian Journal as an “Add-On” to your current services!


Coaching Handbook- $145.99

  • Handbook for you to use when coaching your clients


Promotional Materials

Brochure & Postcard - $110 Value!
  • A great guide and introduction to journaling for you to hand out
Custom Swag with The Equestrian Journal Logo
  • I'll put together an independent offer with huge discounts for you


Additional Support 

TWO Coaching Sessions - $210 Value!
  • Let's work together to determine the best way for you to implement journals and coaching in your business!

  • Additional sessions may be booked for a DISCOUNTED price of $80! 

Program Valued at $1364 plus discounts -

Certified Partners get all this for only $397!

This invitation is only open to twenty (20) new certified partners at this time.



Lifetime Status
For your participation in the beta offering of the Certified Partner Program, this price is a one-time payment.
That's right, you won't have to renew next year. 

Want to Chat?


Catherine Respess combines her design and equine expertise in the creation of The Equestrian Journal.


As a Coach, Trainer, Journaler, Equine Bodyworker, and Barefoot Trimmer 

Catherine is passionate about guiding equestrians:


  • to increase their awareness

  • cultivate good habits

  • reveal patterns 

  • develop powerful insights

  • improve working memory

  • reduce intrusive mental blocks

  • connect your horse's team

  • customize your horse's program

Interview with 
Catherine Respess