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"My wonderful friend, Catherine has developed a product that not only helps me visualize and process my training program, track progress with all the horses, keep updated on all the changes to tack as the horses develop, and note any health issues, but also gives me a space to be braver in the development of my program.  I find goal setting extremely useful for each horse, and this journal allows me to write it all down from the baby-step stages all the way to completion of the goal.  When you're able to look back and see what changes have been made not only in your training but just the overall relationship with a specific horse, it's something really special!  The Equestrian Journal is quickly becoming one of my most important training tools -- thank you, Catherine!! ”


 - Megan Compton, Dressage Trainer


Follow Up:

"I can't wait to see the new pages for the journal!! It helped me so much over the show to really think and determine how I could help each horse better in a show environment! At the end of each day I was telling everyone, this is amazing...I've never felt so prepared for the next day at a show brain was totally in sync with what I needed to do! Usually, when I get back from a show I'm frazzled and a bit dazed, but this time I'm ready to hit the road again!! The only difference was your journal...truly the best thing ever for me!!"


 - Megan

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"Great tool for planning, organizing and tracking riding goals/progress along with the health of the horse."

- Amazon Customer


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“In the busy and exciting world of training horses, The Equestrian Journal has been a lifesaver that helps me keep track of the daily progress of both riders and horses. It is a tool that my riders and I will never go without!”

 - Jennifer Flowers, FEI Rider & Competitor • USDF Silver & Bronze Medalist • USDF L Graduate

You are a dedicated horse owner, but when you reflect back on your horse's history, the days blend together. Your recollection of training sessions, experiences, and observations is not what it could be.

We know from studies on the process of recall that each time the mind constructs a past event, the brain networks change in ways that actually alter the memory.


Training professionals have long dealt with the challenge of improving their students' retention after the training experiences. This issue was studied by German psychologist Hermann Ebbinghaus in 1885. His discovery was that 70% information is forgotten within 24-48 hours.

Have you had an experience with your horse that enlightened you? Did you reach a training milestone?


You are sure that you want to learn from your past, but sometimes we lose track of that knowledge simply because we do not record what we have learned.


Reach out with questions, suggestions, to create a custom journal, to book an Accelerator Coaching Session, or to learn about our Certified Partner Program.

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Catherine is eager to help riders and horses make mindful progress towards their goals.

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