Our Story

Meet The Founder

Hi. I’m Catherine Respess, creator of The Equestrian Journal.

I’m on a mission to help riders use the power of journaling to enjoy our horses and reach our goals without working harder, doing more, or having to feel like you are hustling every damn day.

Just like your boots, bridle, and saddle, The Equestrian Journal is a helpful tool that allows you to work smarter, eliminate struggles, and remain fully engaged in the experience with your horse. Making sure you have the right tools doesn’t take that much time and yet, it helps you stay focused on your priorities and deliver more value with the time you already spend at the barn.

After years of experimenting with journaling methods, I wanted to make sure you could:

  • Schedule upcoming events like clinics and shows and identify the best time to book important appointments with the vet, farrier, or bodyworker to optimize your horse’s experience.
  • Turn your goals into action steps that you can actually accomplish.
  • Rate your progress and understand all the contributing factors.
  • Experience the magic of seeing how far you have come when you have it all written down.
  • Record your observations, note changes, and what you want to remember with horse and rider diagrams.
  • Capture the breakthroughs and “AHA” moments when they are fresh after your ride so you can remember the purpose and feeling from every session!

I knew I had created a great journaling framework with The Equestrian Journal, when I found that I was consistently reaching my riding goals and improving my bond with my horse, while also calming my anxiety and perfectionist tendencies.

When I journal regularly, I feel physically and mentally healthier and I can more easily juggle my life as a busy mom, wife, rider, and digital CEO.

By taking a few minutes before and after every ride, The Equestrian Journal helps you cut through the noise, distractions, and competing thoughts to gain clarity on where to focus your precious time, money, & energy. It helps you create space for the things that matter most.

With the power of The Equestrian Journal, it’s time to say yes to sustainable success beyond your wildest imagination! Let’s make the next 3 months your best yet!