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"When I review my week in preparation for my sessions with my trainer I find I can remember my observations and questions more easily, making my time with her more efficient."

- MPH, Amazon Review

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Grow as a rider with
clarity and confidence!

Horses are life! You work to be the best rider you can be, but hard work is just one part of the equation.


It's time to implement a framework that will help you get to the next level in your riding. 

Are You Ready?

Let's make this YOUR year!

For riders who made this shift and realized the power of journaling, everything and I mean EVERYTHING changed.  

CREATE a crystal clear vision of what you want to achieve. UNCOVER the hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your success. START feeling renewed, energized, and inspired to grow and improve with your horse and your trainer.

"I have found that since I’ve started using The Equestrian Journal I have been remembering my individual rides in detail when I go back and review the day’s session.  It has created a system of recall so that I can remember what I learned for the day and I’m no longer just losing the full value of my lessons and clinics.  It’s also been instrumental in pointing out trends and regular issues that need to be worked through or addressed in my body or for Spice.  It has also been incredibly helpful for tracking health issues so I know exactly what day that colic was, when those wear spots showed up, or when he got roughed up by his neighbor.


When riding regularly, it’s easy to forget just how far you have come in a short period of time. It may feel as if you’ve had a problem forever.  You may not think you’ve made any progress since your last show.  Using The Equestrian Journal has really helped me realize exactly how much progress I’ve made in a short 4 weeks!  I’m going into my show this weekend feeling pumped for our progress and ready to see how a judge thinks our training is going!


I REALLY love this product and highly recommend it to anyone who rides with a goal in mind (no matter how many days a week, or how small or big the goal).   Having access to your experiences written fresh as they happen really changes the way you approach daily training sessions.  The organization of the system also ensures that you’ll never be overwhelmed and give up and your information isn’t hidden in some rarely seen application on your phone.  It’s right there in front of you to flip open and read."



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"I am in love with The Equestrian Journal. It's helping me to reflect after my sessions in a way that really allows me to see what happened, draw connections, and see where I need to work and progress based off of the individual improvements my horses or I need to make, rather than what our next step "should" be.

This journal has also caused me to begin to work with my horses differently, in a way that I'm being more mindful of the connections between how I'm working with them and how they're responding. It's caused me to be more clear in how I'm working with them so I can be clear in my writing. This journal is allowing us to steadily improve in a completely customized way.

Not to mention, Catherine is fantastic and thorough with her responses to you and is super with customer service. As a fellow rider and journal user, she truly cares about your experience and your feedback."

- Kara Cumberton, Rider and Bodyworker

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