Jillian Kreinbring

Jillian has been working with horses her entire life as a competitor winning three European National Halter Championships, the Circle L Western Pleasure Futurity, and High Point DQHA Horse of the Year, and trained AQHA World Qualifiers. She has made it her mission to study classical riding and its relationship to sound functional anatomy and posture and mental well-being. It is her conviction that helping riders learn how the horse’s mind and all physical systems of the body work in concert, promotes healthy riding and training habits. The benefit of which is freedom of movement. She currently holds clinics and teaches at her own Se Raeda Ranch in Texas.

From Jillian

“This is such a wonderful asset to my time here on the ranch because it is here that I track all of my daily training progress with my horses. The Journal offers you the opportunity to take notes on a monthly, weekly or daily basis. And I find it to be absolutely essential because as I track the progress of my horses, sometimes I hit a day where I may not have the results I was looking for. But if I go back into my journal, I can read about all of the wonderful progress. I can also keep track of when I had their dental work done, when the farrier was here, maybe changes in their diet. I can take notes on just about anything in terms of horse husbandry here at the ranch. I also really love this journal because when I have clients bring horses in for training, I take very detailed notes of their time here. And because the owners can't be here on a daily basis, when I send the horses back home, they have this journal to read. So it's kind of like a diary for their horses while they're here at the ranch and then they can continue to track their progress when they go home.”

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