Megan Compton

USDF Bronze and Silver Medalist, FEI rider, trainer, coach, and USDF L Graduate with Distinction. Megan Compton owns and runs the dressage training facility Hope Valley Farm in Alabama. Her mission is to first, love the horse, and second, have a determination to help horses reach their highest potential. Through engaging cross training, Megan endeavors to produce quality athletes that are physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy so they are prepared to excel in a competitive career.

From Megan

“I have been enjoying The Equestrian Journal for over a year now [in 2019] and the positive changes it has made in my training and coaching have been undeniable! All of my students and owners have their own journals for their horses and we all keep track of everything... #journalthat has become our mantra! I've especially enjoyed having my journal with me at competitions and when I'm able to go ride with my personal coach. keeping track of things like how long should this horse warm up for, what type of extra supplements worked for this horse during travel, do I need to ride this horse differently away from home than I would usually do, etc. We all know that no two days are exactly alike with our equine partners, and The Equestrian Journal makes it easier for me to make sure I stay on top of my game for each horse in my program.”

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