For Love of Horses

For every journal purchased, The Equestrian Journal
will donate $1 to the Brooke USA Foundation

These funds will help support:

  • Quality and sustainable healthcare for working equines
  • Behavior change of owners, users and caregivers
  • Change in engagement and priority of equine welfare
  • Change in policy, legislation and practice as it relates to equines
  • Strengthened alliances and support for equine welfare

We love horses and we are committed to
helping horses and their owners everywhere.

Giving back to the equestrian
community is very important to us.

With EVERY journal purchase,
know that you are also giving to Brooke USA.

Since the early 1900s, Brooke has made it its mission to aid working horses, donkeys and mules become healthy and happy now and in the long-term. Since 2007, this mission has also been touted by Brooke USA and its many friends and contributors across the United States.