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It's a day to celebrate the privilege of being able to read, so grab one of our favorite horse books and curl up on the sofa. Or take the opportunity to read your entries in your journal to see how far you and your horse have come. That is a beautiful story in the making!




Schooling and Riding the Sport Horse: A Modern American Hunter/Jumper System by Paul D. Cronin

An excellent and practical application of Vladimir S. Littauer,'s classic forward riding system. Cronin, provides a system for developing rider position and controls, as well as basic principles, selection of the horse, and a detailed schooling program.


Anne Kursinski’s Riding & Jumping Clinic: New Edition by Anne Kursinski

Need some advice on riding a Derby course? Kursinski, five-time Olympian, two-time Olympic Silver Medalist, author, clinician and international competitor, gives you 20 exercises to improve your position, feel and how to confidently and successfully master a jump course. The photographs alone are stunning.


Centered Riding by Sally Swift

Swift was monumental in the development of a mind-body awareness of riders and inspiring a whole new generation of riders and trainers educated in the skills of biomechanics. Her classic text provides manageable steps toward developing this connection and provides practical tools for riding in balance with awareness.


Balance in Movement by Susanne von Dietze-Pollak

Susanne von Dietze-Pollak, well-known trainer, judge and physiotherapist, shares her exercises and exercise material designed to improve the rider's seat. Her advice is designed to improve connection communicate with invisible aids.


Ride With Your Mind Essentials by Mary Wanless

An internationally renowned coach, Wanless describes the horse-human connection and how to achieve it in easily digestible "chunks." She uses her extensive knowledge of horse and human biomechanics to lay down a foundation of riding for all disciplines. A classic text for riders of all levels wishing to understand the affect of their position and aids on their horse.


The Perfect Horse by Elizabeth Letts

An account of Operation Cowboy during WWII, during which a group of U.S. soldiers from the Third Army, Second Cavalry discovered the Germans were keeping almost 700 prized European horses. These soldiers risked their lives to move the horses 35 miles over the border to Kotztinz, Germany, and eventually to safety.


Cavalettis by Ingrid klimke

A set of challenging cavaletti exercises designed to "teach your horse to think on his feet is by asking him complex questions at home" https://www.horseandrideruk.com/the-magazine/issues/september-2019. A German eventing rider and Olympic medalist, Klimke's exercises help you and your horse develop a trust and partnership so that you are successful away from home as well.


Straightening The Crooked Horse by Klaus and Gabriele Schoneich

A closer examination of how the horse moves and how much it influences their straightness. The authors offer training advice on encouraging a round and supple back and a correct bend for improving your horse's forward movement.


The Ethics and Passions of Dressage by Charles de Kunffy

De Kunffy, USDF Hall of Fame Master Horseman, author, clinician, and judge, beautifully argues for the an ethical approach to classical dressage. He explains the true meanings of: non-confrontational riding and training, “on the bit,” engagement, the development of the correct seat, and the use of hands and reins" (https://xenophon-press).


Adam's Task: Calling Animals by Vicki Hearne

Based on studies from science, literature, and philosophy, this book sets out to revolutionize the way we think about animals and their training. Hearne demonstrates a new level of training based on the knowledge that animals are more intelligent than we assume and that they are capable of developing an understanding of morality.


101 Jumping Exercises for Horse and Rider by Linda Allen

Allen, equestrian consultant, judge, and show jumping clinician, provides simple groundwork activities, over poles exercises and then equitation courses in this easy to follow collection of activities to teach a rider correct balance, technique and confidence over jumps.




Seabiscuit: An American Legend by Laura Hillenbrand

A bit cliche, but it is still one of our favorites! The true story of the race horse Seabiscuit, whose continuous failures caused the horse to be banished from the racing community. After changing ownership, Seabiscuit goes onto win many accolades and titles culminating in a four length win in the Match of the Century. It is a touching story of an owner, trainer and rider pausing to connect with their horse, and how it changed them all.


The Dressage Chronicles by Karen McGoldrick

A lively and touching series about a girl who leaves her conventional world behind and goes off to work for a very famous dressage trainer in South Florida. The story is so powerful it inspired one of our very own team members to become a working student!


The Horse Whisperer by Nicholas Evans

A story of the healing bond between horse and human, the book opens with a tragic accident and a broken young girl and a traumatized horse The book follows the horse and the young girl as they search to save the horse and end up saving themselves as well..


Dream of Fair Horses by Patricia Leitch

An oldie but goodie, this is a sweet, common story of a girl who longs for a pony. And once she finds that pony, the story follows the young girl from taking that green pony to ultimately qualifying for the Horse of The Year Show at Wembley.


Need to keep track of everything you learn from these books or write down exercises you want to try? The Equestrian Journal is here to help.


Happy reading!

The Equestrian Journal team

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